Recognize the advantage of an individual customization under the premise of a consistent increase in value of your manufacturing process ...


15.02.2009, hosting of the english version of webaccount


AIPS-applied engineering in parametric structures

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Thomas Brunner, Civil.-Eng.
engineering services


AIPS is a customer-oriented service provider. Our main emphasis is on the development of CAD based drawings in the environment of planning, building design and production. Our fields of activity covered different performances as :


>> determination of requierements
>> conceptional design
>> Integration planning together with suppliers / -development
>> integrated project and QC- management (IPQM)
>> site preparation and processing

…. which brings our customers/you essential advantages …

Our clients are private building owners, developer, supplier or assembling companies related to a building making near envirement.

We provide a customized services for our client, which includes normaly the complete design under consideration of aspects as cost control, procurement, time scheduling and buildability in assembling and site processing. We are trying to represent here all the interests on behalf our clients. A special consideration takes the communication skill between you and us.

… in which we proceed as custodian of our customers/you.